Build a Silhouette Tool Holder from Cardstock

Build a Silhouette Tool Holder from Cardstock

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I saw how many accessories are available to hold Cricut tools, but how is it that Silhouette never has anything similar for sale? I want my blades to be safe while I swap them out. The single tool storage on the Cameo 4 is not at all easy to use if you want to quickly grab the blade and not knock it everywhere, which could dull the blade tip if it hits something.


This means we have to make our own. My tool and blade holder is based on this free tutorial, only I made mine from cardstock and improved it to accommodate the pen holder tool and its inserts.


What you need:

  • Cutting machine; Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
  • Silhouette Studio; free edition or higher
  • Coloured cardstock; 65 lb. / 176 gsm
  • (Optional) Silhouette Sketch Pens or regular coloured pens with the pen holder tool


I first cut the folded base with nine of all the same holes out of purple cardstock. I glued a second layer on top, as a way of making it more sturdy. I used a gold colour for this layer. After I cut it with all the same hole sizes, I realised that I would love to keep the pen holder inserts in this tool stand as well. I went back and cut a retrofit piece with two smaller diameter holes and pasted it on top, in magenta.


In the Zip file, I've provided a Silhouette Studio file with a few different pieces you can mix and match. You'll need to drag pieces in and out of the virtual cutting mat. I cut mine separately but you could do it all at once. You'll be able to cut either all the same hole sizes for the second layer, or choose the one with two smaller holes to begin with. If you change your mind after cutting the second piece with all the same holes, you can cut a retrofit piece and glue it on underneath or on top, like the one in the photos.


For the folded base, I included blue lines that you could set to score on your machine. I haven't tried it out on my own, but feel free to do so, or even ungroup and remove them completely. If you want to personalise this cardstock tool holder, you can add some lined designs or a phrase to be sketched before you cut. I used a silver sketch pen and added some designs to mine.


To cut, I used the AutoBlade 2 on my Cameo 4, and I chose Cardstock, Plain material and used the default settings. I set it to cut twice since the first time wasn't enough to cut through the circles cleanly. Make sure you check by test weeding a cut at the bottom of the design without removing the mat. If it needs a second cut job, you can send it off again without risk of it cutting on a different location.


Once you have your pieces cut, simply fold along those blue lines in the diagram, then use a glue stick to attach the sides and the second reinforcement piece on top. Now you have a safe place to put your blades, adapters and pen holder tool!


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