Warm and Stylish Twill Scarf Weaving Draft

Warm and Stylish Twill Scarf Weaving Draft

SKU: DPF0001

This scarf weaving draft contains  all the charts you need and details on how I wove it. The document is not suitable for those who have never woven before — it assumes you have woven a few items and that you are familiar with your loom. I have, however, added some tips just in case you aren’t familiar with the methods that I’ve used. You may like to do things differently, and that’s fine too.



  • 4-shaft loom
  • 9 inch weaving width
  • 10-dent reed (or equivalent) for 20 epi

Additional details are in the PDF.


Direct Download: Warm_and_Stylish_Twill_Scarf_Pattern_by_Janetsaw.pdf


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Since this draft and instructions are available for no cost, I ask that you use it to make items for yourself or for gifting only. Thank you and enjoy!

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